Balicasag Island and “Virgin Island” in Bohol

If you are lucky, you might see dolphins on the way to the island.

Dolphins were all around us, truly a sight to behold.

Balicasag is a small island surrounded by coral reefs.

A part of the reef is a protected area, fenced off by buoys. Motorized boats are not allowed to dock or pass through this fenced off area.

The island also has white sand beaches.

From afar, Balicasag looks flat, but up close, it is not so much.

Villagers on the island sell fish and other food, which they cook for guests.

A pineapple on the island

Near where the buoys are is a wall, a steep drop underwater where schools of fish in the thousands may be seen,like these jack fish, or talakitok in the dialect.

the corals around the island also provide interesting views. It is however recommended that for nicer pictures, underwater cameras should be used. we used an improvisation, encasing our camera in a waterproof container, but the pictures are not so clear.

One will lose track of timewhile snorkeling, specially with so much to see.

Thousands of fish may be seen on the wall. It is a good thing that the area is protected so we can gaze at underwater wonders.

The play of sunlight on the seafloor reveals wondrous sights of the corals, rocks and marine life.

The corals are simply amazing,and the many different kinds make us wonder at the infinite variety of nature.

Reluctantly, we leave Balicasag,and one of our boatmen stands at the head of the boat.

The clouds on Balicasag provide additional thrill to sightseers.

We stop at “Virgin Island,” which boasts of a sandbar during low tide. However, we were not able to wait for the sandbar to be revealed, though we reveled in walking on it during high tide.

It was simply a joy, with the sand on our feet underwater, the clouds providing such a spectacular background.

On the way back to Panglao Island, we saw this house on the water, and it still is a mystery to us why it was built out at sea.

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